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i am looking at some news wires coming in. according to a vatican official, he is saying that he expects the period between the resignation and the election of his successor to be "as brief as possible." so, this is according to the vatican official. this is quoted in the reuters news agency. also, reaction coming in from germany. a government spokesman is saying that he is "move to" moved by news of the's recognition -- "moved." we will be expecting gentleman chancellor angela merkel to be reacting later. but just to remind our viewers what is going on right now. we are hearing that pope benedict xvi, the roman catholic pope, he has announced his resignation, and that is going to take place february 28. not yet confirmed whether he is resigning due to health reasons, due to his advanced age. we are still trying to find out exactly the reason behind the public's resignation. but speaking of age, pope benedict is the oldest pope to a been neglected. >> it is very interesting. you have to put it in the context and think back to 2005 when pope john paul ii died. an incredibly popula
. the pope's resignation sets the stage for a new papal election. vatican officials hope to elect a new pope in time for holy week at the end of march. pope benedict had big shoes to fill in 2005 when cardinals chose him to succeed john paul ii. one of his biggest tasks was responding to the priest's sex abuse scandal. pope benedict issued an apology to victims and said the church made serious mistakes. today the pontiff calls his choice to resign quote delia goncalves continues our coverage. >> reporter: good afternoon j.c. the mass here at 12:10 starts at the basilica expects to be full of parishioners here to pray for the pope, are pray for his next chapter and the next chapter of the catholic church. monday mass at the basilica and the pope's resignation on the minds of many. it makes him more relatable to the people, not just this political figure and religious figure. >> with sadness, pope benedict has been such an inspirational leader for the church. >> he was himself a university professor and his writings are really pro found. >> reporter: john garvey, president of catholic universi
benedict xvi announced he's stepping down, vatican officials have now set a timetable for when the next pope will be appointed. >>> good morning to you from scottsdale. the spring training home of the world champion san francisco giants. coming up, we will have some old friends and some new friends. one's a furry friend. we'll show you in just a bit. >>> new this morning, america's most wanted fugitive and now, the search for a former police officer turned shooting rampage suspect is spreading south so mexico and investigators say they believe he may have had some help getting there. court papers say an accomplice identified by the initials j.y. may have helped dorner cross the border, but federal authorities telling the time to mexico is just one of the places dorner could be hiding, stressing dorner could be anywhere at this point. at a news conference this morning, police say they're now pursuing more than 1,000 leads. >> it is frustrating and we're hopeful that something will break loose from the public and that these leads will result in something very positive in terms of bringing
surgery to replace a battery in his pacemaker. the vatican officials say that pacemaker was inserted into the pope's heart before he became the pontiff. i asked a vatican spokesperson if that surgery had anything to do with the pope's decision to step down. he said no, that decision was made almost a year ago after the pope returned from his visit to cuba and mexico. now, since the shock of the decision has worn off, people here at the vatican are beginning to see the clues they missed to monday's stunning announcement. for example, why is there all this construction work going on at a monastery here at the vatican and who is going to live there? the answer is that is where pope benedict is going to make his retirement home. tomorrow, the pope will hold his weekly audience, and then later in the day, he will preside over ash wednesday mass, marking the beginning of lent. that mass was supposed to be held in a small church in rome. it's been move here to st. peter's basilica to accommodate the thousands who are expected to attend what could well be the pope's last public mass. brian?
will eventually move into a monastery for cloistered nuns in the vatican. officials say he will dedicate his time to prayer and reflection. brian? >> richard engel, thanks. >>> for a lot of american catholics, this pope was a man whose name they heard once a week at mass. a relative enigma compared to john paul ii, of course. an old fashioned man in modern times. and now the question for catholics and their church becomes what next. nbc's anne thompson is here with us, with part of that story. anne, good evening. >> good evening, brian. we're in such uncharted territory, that the vatican doesn't even know how pope benedict will be addressed after february 28th. when a pope dies, the conclave to elect his successor begins 15 days after his death. but now when it will start is just one of many mysteries in the wake of today's startling news. ♪ the cardinals, the men who will elect benedict's successor, were as surprised as the people in the pews. new york's cardinal timothy dolan on the "today" show. >> i'm as startled as the rest of you and anxious to find out exactly what's going on. >> reporte
the world. he is the first pope to resign in nearly 600 years. vatican officials say pope benedict will give his final papal audience on february 27th one day before he steps down. they say they're making preparations to hold a conclave to elect a new pope in mid march. >>> a section of roof at the chernobyl nuclear complex has collapsed, prompting workers to evacuate. ukrainian authorities say no one was injured. and they say there were no leaks of radiation. officials say a 600 square-meter section partially covered the turbine hall. workers built it after the nuclear disaster in 19 86. it gave way under the weight of heavy snow. contractors are building a new protective structure to cover the number 4 reactor, about 150 meters away. foremen for a french construction company pulled out 80 workers as a precaution. experts are concerned the concrete and metal structure built after the disaster is too old to contain the radiation inside the reactor. >>> people from japan are getting a chance to conduct a more thorough search for japanese war dead with the opening up of myanmar. the remains of
. >> vatican officials have announced that the conclave to choose a new pope will start at the 15th of march. >> this ash wednesday service marking the start of lent is the last public mass said by pope benedict xvi. he was joined for the emotional ceremony in st. peter's by the cardinals and bishops closest to him. benedict spent the morning in an audience with thousands of followers and for the first time provided details about the thinking that went into his resignation. >> i made this decision in complete freedom for the good of the church. i prayed for a long time and examined my conscience before god because i am aware of the seriousness of this action. but at the same time, i know the i am no longer able to meet the demands made of the seat of st. peter. >> many wonder how history will interpret benedict's papacy and what will happen to him when he steps down. a question also on the minds of followers gathered today in rome. the pope had only a simple request -- >> thank you for the love and prayers that have accompanied me over the last difficult days. continue to pray for me, the ch
election. vatican officials hope to elect a new pope in time for holy week at the end of march. pope benedict had big shoes to fill in 2005 when cardinals chose him to succeed john paul ii. one of his biggest tasks was responding to the priest sexual abuse scandal. >> indeed, i am deeply sorry. >> reporter: pope benedict issued an apology to victims and said the church made serious mistakes. today the pontiff called his choice reresign "a decision of great importance for the life of the church" and said he will dedicate the rest of his life to prayer. contend, to replace him include the archbishops of vienna and milan, cardinal timothy dolan of new york is a long shot. >> what happens next at the vatican? >> reporter: what happens next is that the vatican will announce a date for the conclave which is when the world's voting cardinals will come to rome to vote for the next pope. in the meantime, the pope says he will continue to work doing what he normally does. >> anna matranga live at the vatican, thank you so much. >>> and the pope's decision is
denies the chances and he would not take part in the upcoming election of a new pope. vatican officials say pope benedict xvi try the world changing the selection process will start as soon as all cardinals arrived in loan. -- arrive in rome. >> sunday, wellwishers turned out for his final prayers as hopepope. >> swedish furniture giant ikea is removing the frozen meat balls after tests found that some contained horse meat. >> officials in the czech republic found the meat. ikea is conducting their own tests to validate the findings and that meatballs from other batches are still on the shelf. >> there may be another food scandal brewing in germany. they are investigating what they believe could be massive fraud by egg producers. >> 200 farms are suspected of repurpose saying they are organic and those breaking the law could be jailed. >> the eggs in question were sold of organic, but they are not. farmers are only allowed to label eggs organic for free range if they have at least four square meters of space and if their feet is organic. prosecutors allege 150 farms in lower saxony and
the cardinals to the vatican, officially do that, then pope benedict will come in and he'll be greeted by each of the cardinals. there are about 100 cardinals here and the greetings will not be long. each one will come up, kneel before him and kiss his ring. but what is interesting is that perhaps, somewhere in this 100 people could be his successor. and it will be -- you know, people, vatican watchers will be watching very closely to see if there any kinds of signs or signals or favoritism to one of the possible successors or another. you know, people will being looing at this with different, different eyes. but yo can expect to see a lot of affection here. >> and you know, this is of course, an opportunity for them to say good-bye. as you mentioned his successor could be among the cardinals there. is there any politicking going on? >> well, it's politicking but not the way we think of it. not in the american locket ral sense. the politicking that's done, at least i'm told by the cardinals themselves and people who have studied this for years, is far more subtle, it is conversations between o
spent time with them. vatican officials say the cardinals will meet in early march to set the date for a conclave to elect a new pope. benedict xvi is resigning because of old age and poor health. no pope has done that since 1415. he is scheduled to fly by helicopter to the papal retreat in a suburb of rome. his resignation goes into effect at 8:00 p.m. local time. >>> weather authorities are urging residents of beijing and surrounding areas to avoid any outdoor activities. people have been struggling with polluted air for months now. cars and factories have spewed out tiny particles. known as pm2.5. weather officials warn levels of the pollutants are 10 to 20 times above world health organization guidelines. that's left people in beijing and neighboring hebei province in a fog. >> translator: it must be very hazardous for my skin and lungs. i bought a lot of masks. >> airlines have canceled many domestic flights at airports in hebei province because pilots can't see through the haze. >>> south korean defense ministry officials have warned that north korea is likely to conduct a la
. >>> vatican officials confirm pope benedict fell and hit his head during a trip to mexico last year and insist the fall played no role in the pontiff's decision to step down. today the pope met with priests in rome telling them he will remain hidden from the world after retirement. he plans to dedicate himself to prayer living in an old monastery inside the vatican's walls. >>> his courageous story and electrifying performance at the summer olympics inspired people around the world, but tonight south african police say they will charge the man known as blade runner with the murder of his girl friend. police will not confirm reports that oscar pistorius mistook his girl friend for a burglary. that girl friend reeva steenkamp was a model and reality show contestant. pistorius was the first ever double amputee to participate in the olympics. >>> coming up at 7:00 we'll introduce you to an organization that helps struggling families stay on their feet at 7:00 on wusa9. >> still ahead this half hour some lucky couples tie the knot this valentine's day. plus -- ♪[ music ] >> beautification through
. sordid tales of vatican officials con sorting with male prostitutes. at stake, she contends, is the very integrity of the church. a church governed, she says, by a network of officials, some of whom are compromised by their homosexual activities. compromise, perhaps, to senior levels, says a writer for the news weekly "panorama." he says he believes pope benedict's attempts at reform were stymied every step of the way. in these eight years the pope has repeatedly made calls to stop the divisions, he says, to end the power struggling and to have more transparency, but these calls weren't heeded. the latest claims flatly denied by the vatican are based on interviews with senior vatican officials. the journalists did not identify. and dozens of other unnamed sources. having struggled with controversy since the beginning of his pontificate, the two italian journalists conclude benedict lost faith in those who were supposed to support him. he decided by himself, says di gregorio, that he decided to resign because he no longer trusted the men around him. benedicts he's not abandoning the churc
, by vatican officials. now, the vatican itself reacted very strongly to these italian media reports saying these reports are unverified, unverifiable or completely baseless. susan? >> yeah, the media and the vatican really have two different versions of exactly what's going on on the inside. how soon, ben, are we expecting the cardinals to meet and choose a new pope to take over? >> well, those, that sort of process won't really begin until the first of march after the pope steps down officially. and then there's discussion of holding the conclave, that meeting of 116 cardinals to elect a new pope as early as the 15th of march, possibly earlier if all the cardinals are in place for that conclave to take place. suzen? >> ben wedemen, thanks so much for that live report. appreciate it. >>> meanwhile, one u.s. cardinal who will take part in electing the new pope was interviewed by police before flying to italy. we are talking about cardinal mahony. it was all about a priest accused of molesting dozens of boys in the l.a. area while mahony was in charge at the time. he has been deposed before,
to the vatican bureaucracy today, benedict thanked church officials for helping him bear what he called the weight of the papacy. just how heavy the weight is has been highlighted over the past the week. ju the italian media has been pa riddled with eyebrow-raising stories of alleged scandals,n r including the existence of a gay ey lobby of homosexual priestsst within the church hierarchy. that may be an exaggeration, but a vatican official was fired because of a homosexual liaisonas in 2007 and another in 2010. the latest stories to offend then vatican are centered on an investigation by three cardinals. into the so-called vati-leaks b scandal that resulted in the conviction of the pope's butler for stealing documents. va today, the vatican issued ahe blast: the main concern seems to be the effect the news could have on con the cardinals when they enter the conclave to choose the next pope.wer scotland's cardinal keith o'brian summed it up this way: >> knowing the person we might choose will be assuming increasingly heavy responsibility, not just for the roman catholic church but for t
with eyebrow-raising stories of potential scandals. that may be an exaggerate but a vatican official was fired because of a homosexual liaison in 2007 and another in 2010. the latest investigations are by three cardinals into the so-called vati-babies scandal that resulted in the conviction of the pope's butler for stealing documents. the main concern seems to be the effect the news cooch on the cardinals when they swer the conclave to choose the next post. >> the personal we might choose will be assuming increasingly heavy responsibility. >> reporter: benedict remains busy with the responsibility of farewells. today it was the turn of italian president georgeio napolitano. a high-level vatican source said the pope is expected to issue an edict shortening the 15-day waiting period between the end of the papacy and the conclave. predictionspredictions are it will begin march 10. >> axelrod: 116 cardinals will vote for the new pope. 11 are american including cardinal roger mahony of california. but there are catholics in both los angeles and italy demanding mahony stay away because of his role i
officials hope to elect a news pope before easter. danielle nottingham has the latest from the vatican. >> reporter: the crowds in st. peter's square are speculating about who will replace pope benedict xvi. some feel the time has come for more diversity in the catholic church. >> perhaps it will be good to have a black pope. >> i'm have south america, from venezuela, and we hope to get a pope from another country. >> i don't think it matters where they're from, as long as they're wel open thelogically to welcoming in as many people into the church as possible. >> reporter: names are surfacing. cardinal peter turkson from ghana, could be the first black pope. cardinal sand ri of argentina is considered the top candidate from latin america. and andrew skoala is considered one of the strongest european candidates. pope benedict is stepping down because the 85-year-old says he no longer has the physical or mental strength to lead. >> reporter: the vatican just disclosed that pope benedict received a pacemaker before he became leader of the catholic chu
. but vatican officials said no specific medical condition prompted the resignation. vatican spokesman father federico lombardi said the pope acted with what he called "great freedom and clarity." >> we will continue to love him and to receive his love. >> reporter: benedict is one of the oldest popes to be elected at the age of 78 in 2005 and he had to cope with crises that included the priest sex abuse scandal and the theft of documents from his desk by his trusted butler. the last pope to resign waspe gregory xii-- 600 years ago. benedict cannot participate in the conclave to choose a success th which won't begin until the end of the second week of march at the earliest. he will probably live the restrc of his life in a congregation for cloistered nuns inside a vatican city. scott? >> pelley: allen pizzey with st. peter's behind you. allen, thanks very much.r's "conclave" in latin means "with key." the cardinals of the church willn meet behind the locked doors of the sistine chapel to elect the pope. the vatican hopes to have the successor in place by easter. any male catholic can be elec
yet when the conclave to elect a new pope will gather at the vatican. but church officials say they would like to have his replacement for easter at the end of march. the vatican says the holy father will have no role in picking his successor. >> benedict xvi will surely say absolutely nothing. >> reporter: after stepping down, pope benedict will spend his time praying and reflecting at a former monestary inside the vatican walls, once renovations are completed. at the vatican, danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> and vatican officials say the next pope will probably decide pope benedict's new title. he could be called holy president. >>> right now, we're enjoying the unusually sunny weather. the weather is about to make another wild turn as we've seen so far this winter. meteorologist bernadette woods is here with the updated numbers from first warning weather. bern, i guess the word "wild" doesn't mean good for us. >> i guess it depends what you like. we're going to start out with today, though. it is beautiful outside. we are s
years. this group of pilgrims took a bus from germany to rome. vatican officials say even in his retirement pope benedict will be known as emeritus pope son when a new pontiff is elected there will be two popes living just yards away from each other in vatican city. critics say having a pope with the same key aides serving them is a conflict. while the situation is no unique, they say, no trouble will arise. he will be called your holiness and wear a white robe. but he will not wear the red shoes and will wear the shoes from mexico that he was given as a gift. pope benedict asked the faithful to pray for cardinals who will choose his successor. they will vote in a secret election next month. vinita nair, cbs news, the vatican. >> the cardinals will meet on monday to decide on a date for the election, which will be held inside the sistine chapel. >>> time now is 4:38. let's check the weather. >> remember when i was saying the other day we would see some 70s this week? >> yes. >> i was kind of right. we saw some yesterday. >> is that weather ter
and misconduct inside the vatican. church officials here denied that story and today the vatican secretary of state issued a statement saying, it is deplorable that there are unverified, unverifiable, and completely false news stories that harm persons or institutions. now, while all this was going on, pope benedict after his week-long lenten retreat was getting back to business. he met with the italian president this morning, he named new bishops to italy and mexico. tomorrow, as you said, he will address the crowd one last time here in st. peters square, give them his final sunday blessing. the second to last public event before he retires. >> and the timing, anne, coincidental, but cardinal roger mahoney of los angeles being deposed on the very issue of clergy sex abuse. what more can you tell us about that? >> reporter: well, he spent four hours with attorneys today as scheduled. and then after that questioning, the attorneys asked for more time. it's not clear whether he is still being questioned. however, cardinal mahoney is planning to come to rome to participate in the conclave, to
past 9:00 and officials at the vatican face a task that we've never seen, how to wind down pope benedict xvi office in 17 case they are treading new ground and they don't have all the answers. will they have to ri destroy the pope's ring like they do when a pope dies or will he be referred to his holiness. all that remains to be seen. amy kellogg joins us now, this is uncharted territory? >> it is. we have been talking about this conclave that is going to choose naught pope and how it's been made up by cardinals made up by this pope and predecessor. they reflect the same ideology as the last two popes. i thought it would be interesting what catholics felt around town. i spoke to them at st. peter's square today and met a bus load of students from brussels who said basically one of them wants to be a priest. i asked him what he would like to see in pope benedict's successor. >> communication is very important, just being clear and groups of people, i think they should make clear that the love of god is for everyone and try to communicate that. >> shep, pope benedict started tweet
with the job of electing a new pope by palm sunday, which is the 23rd of march. and the vatican officials have said that they are confident there will be a new pope by easter, which is at the end of march. so, we may find that because of these pressures, that, in fact, the pope will be elected earlier than previously expected. christi? >> i know pope benedictine before he was pope helped put a lot of church leaders in place? does he have any hand in picking his successor, especially when you look at why it is he is stepping down? >> well, directly he will not because he will not be sitting in on that conclave. but it's important to remember the conclave is expected to include 117 cardinals. he has appointed 67 of those. the other 50 were appointed by his predecessor, pope john paul ii. so, directly, no, he will not have any input into the conclave, but, indirectly, because he had such an important role in appointing those cardinals, he will have some role to play, but not directly, as i said. christi? >> ben wedemen, thank you so much as we look at live pictures there from vatican tv. >>> comi
in rome and in vatican city where catholic church officials have their hands full with two extraordinary events. in a few hours, pope benedict xvi will address a faithful crowd for the last time. he will resign on thursday. vatican officials also will be dealing with newspaper reports that claim the pope is stepping down for a different reason than he says. on the phone with me now from rome is the bureau chief from "newsweek" and "the daily beast." barbie nadeau. tell us what the biggest newspaper in italy suggests is the real reason the pope is stepping down. >> there are reports that the pope is stepping down under pressure that he can't deal with an ongoing sex scandal. this is not the pedophile priest, church sex abuse scandal. it's an alleged gay priest ring in rome in which priests are being blackmailed by certain members of the secular community and that this is just too much for the pope to bear. supposedly three cardinals who were running an investigation into the leaked scandal when the pope's butler was accused of releasing documents to the press. they were running a tandem i
's square for the final public appearance of the pope february 27th, a day before he steps down. vatican officials say the pontiff does not expect big fanfare when he leaves. >> he's not the big celebration type of guy and i think in many ways being pope was difficult for him to that. >> reporter: the vatican announced a conclave to elect a new pope will begin mid-march. the college of cardinals will choose the exact date when they gather here in rome. >> the vatican says all objects connected to pope benedict's ministry will be destroyed including his papal ring which he sealed official documents with. >>> president obama is taking his state of the union message on the road. he toured a plant in asheville, north carolina, today, then spoke to workers pushing plans laid out in last night's speech to raise minimum wage and boost manufacturing in america, plans the president believes will put more people back to work. >> i believe we attract new jobs to america by investing in new sources of energy and new infrastructure and the next generation of high wage hi-tech american manufacturing.
. >> reporter: vatican officials say the pontiff does not expect big fanfare when he leaves. >> he's not the big celebration type of guy. and i think in many way, being pope was difficult to him for that. >> reporter: the vatican announced the conclave to elect a new pope will begin in march. the college of cardinals will choose the exact date when they gather here in rome. at the vatican, danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> the vatican says all accounts connected to pope benedict's ministry will be destroyed, including has papal ring, which he used to seal official documents. >>> still ahead on eyewitness news at 5:00, a 5-year-old held underground for a week. today, for the first time, we hear from the boy's mother, and her emotional struggle, as she waited for word of her son's freedom. >>> i'm alex demetrick. coming up, a final adding up of the missare ery from super storm standee. that story as eyewitness news continues. >>> oh, what a feeling. "flash dance" comes to baltimore. i'm gigi barnett at the hippodrome. coming up, i'll
appearance on february 27th, a day before he steps down. >> reporter: vatican officials say the pontiff does not expect big fanfare when he leaves. >> he's not the big celebration type of guy. and i think in many ways, being pope was difficult to him for that. >> reporter: the vatican announced the conclave to elect a new pope will begin in mid- march. the college of cardinals will choose the exact date when they gather here in rome. at the vatican, danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> the vatican says all objects connected to pope benedict xvi's ministry will be destroyed, including his papal ring, which he used to seal official documents. >>> time now to get a look at our rush hour ride home. here's kristy breslin with traffic control. >>> we're looking at delays as usual around the beltway. the delay on the top side inner loop, begins at charles street, goes over to harford road. west side inner loop, stop and go there from baltimore national pike to liberty road. and northbound 295, just a minor slowdown there. as far as your accidents go,
was greeted by some of the vatican officials and expressed their thanks to him and he was escorted to the helicopter. he stated that it was his ailing health that is the reason why he is stepping down. as you concede he did the some help in getting into the helicopter. there is a bit of history. we will keep an eye on these images as he makes his way to his new place of residence and that will be not too far just about 20 minutes away from the vatican itself. the process will began to find a new pope. they will have a conclave and all of the administrative staff will be on hand and the clergy will come together. there are about ready to lift off and we will head to break and leave you with these live pictures from the vatican. >> welcome back. kron4 jackies sizzle has live information due to the water main break. >> visit it is just 24 hours ago were a lot of mud was here. the cleanup effort is still out here and this is where the sinkhole was. it was a 16 in. pipe that gave way and poured gallons of water down the street. this is what the scene looked like yesterday as the city
when the college of cardinals will likely meet to elect a new pope. vatican officials now say the conclave starts somewhere between march the 15th and 20th. more likely the 15th or closer to it anyway. they say the pope will attend a farewell ceremony on his last day, february 28th. he will fly off in a helicopter to the pope's summer retreat outside room. with us now is the "new york times" rome bureau chief. rachel, fascinating times. what do you make of the resignation, surprise? >> i was in some ways surprised and in other ways not surprised. >> how so? >> the pope himself in 2010 in a book of interviews said that he felt that if he was no longer physically or mentally able to do the job that he would not rule out resigning, but that doesn't mean that any of us on monday morning really expected this to happen. >> shepard: there's more to it than this. the church is going through a lot and times are very difficult for the man leading it. >> i think that's very true. this was a papacy that until monday probably would have been remembered as one that was troubled, filled with
the pope's surprising decision to step down yesterday. he blamed appraisal health and vatican officials disclosed for first time today he was fitteded with a pacemaker ten years ago when he was still a cardinal. but they say his heart condition is not forcing him to retire. they also say he will play no role on the election of his successor. vatican staffer says the pope made the decision 11 months ago. >> apparently it came after his trip to cuba in which was -- in march of last year, if i'm not mistaken. sometime around april, this has been months and months. not quite a year apparently. but almost. >> the pope traveled to cuba in march. it is not clear whether anything happened during the trip to convince him the catholic church needed a younger, stronger pope. >>> and we are waiting at 6:00. we are expecting a news conference from out in los angeles in big bear. the ski resort just outside of l.a. where christopher dorner, the man, former lapd officer, there has been a manhunt for him. he apparently is holed up in a cabin there and has been in a shoot-out with police. as this dramat
frail health but there are still many questions about his decision. vatican officials disclosed today the pope had a pacemaker implanted ten years ago when he was still a cardinal. they also clarified that the pope will not be involved in the conclave that will let his success dash elect his successor. officials expect to announce the timing of the conclave and say by the end of the week. >>> doug is here with more on our weather after this spectacular day we had today. it is almost impossible to imagine we can have snow tomorrow. >> even for a meteorologis it is almost impossible to imagine snow on a day after 60 degrees. that's pretty much what we have. we have the forecast that's just too warm for most of us to get any significant snow out of this storm. it was looking good yesterday but even then we knew that there would be a rain-snow line close to the d.c. metro area. now that rain-snow line a little farther to the north and west. we look outside now. a very, very nice night. you can see the monuments from the distance. it is going to be a gorgeous night here. out towards the ca
members of the college of cardinals are from europe. vatican officials are hoping they can pick a successor by holy week. >>> coming up next, a look at the morning's other top stories. new details in the case of a 14- year-old boy charged as an adult in the death of his 7- month-old baby sister. >> also ahead, a community on edge this morning as police continue their search for a killer. what is happening to solve the murder of a 71-year-old woman found dead in her home.  [ anouncer ] ihop is in time square to compare new griddle-melts to your usual breakfast sandwich. a lot more flavor. [ anouncer ] ihop's new griddle melts... made fresh and hot! hand crafted just for you. it's like a sexy sandwich. [ anouncer ] compare new griddle melts yourself. just $4.99. it's an epic breakfast sandwich. sit -- >>> a look at the morning's top stories. a 14-year-old boy accused of killing his baby sister is being charged as an adult. police say he admitted to beating the girl. the boy was left alone to watch the baby while his mom worked an overnight shift. >>> neighbors in capital h
. vatican officials are hoping to have the pope's successor in place by holy week. >>> afghan official are expressing confidence their security forces can fill the void once u.s. troops leave the country. president obama announced last night that 34,000 american troops will be home by this time next year. that half the force the u.s. has in afghanistan. the rest are due to be home by the end of 2014. the pentagon is considering whether to leave a small force in afghanistan beyond that. >>> immigration, that is topping at agenda ate meeting at the white house. four senators who helped create i new immigration reform plan will sit down with president obama to brief him on their progress. also on imgleyings, this is a group in town who is working to stop deportation. it is called we have dreams too. hundreds of immigrant workers are in d.c. for two days for the event. -- also on immigration, there is a group in town who is working to stop deportation. >>> it was just a sip of water. >> but it has people talking. we'll tell you about that. >>> we have rain showers moving in. but for parts
. a day before he steps down. >> reporter: vatican officials say the pontiff does not expect big fanfare when he leaves. >> he is not the big celebration type of guy. and i think in many ways, being pope was difficult to him for that. >> reporter: the vatican announced the conclave to elect a new pope will begin in march. the college of cardinals will choose the exact date when they gather here in rome. at the vatican, danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> and catholics here in maryland also marked ash wednesday with a service at st. alfonseus church. ash wednesday derives its name from placing ashes on the foreheads of adherents as a reminder of human mortality and as a sign of repentance to god. >>> still to come. you are what you drink. why the so-called food police are going after sugary sodas. >>> well, the postcard being sent out says energy as free as the wind. but it's going to cost taxpayers something. i'm pat warren. coming up on eyewitness news. the governor testifies on his wind energy bill. >>> could maryland's famous cond
in rome. >> vatican officials are hoping they can pick a successor by the beginning of holy week at the end of next month. >> two special ceremonies will mark the 204th anniversary of the birth of president abraham lincoln. wreath laying at 8:45. there was a wreath laying at 8:45 this morning at ford's theater where lincoln was assassinated. then at noon, the secretary of transportation and the superintendent at the national mall will lead a ceremony. that event has happened every year since 1922. >> one of its oldest sports. plus a career in the nfl doesn't last long. the game is extremely tough on their bodies. so what happens next? >> some players are taking the time to learn off the field to help when they can no longer play. >> sadly, you can't play the game forever and some nfl players are getting a jump start on their future with a unique program right here in the district. details are ahead when fox morning news continues.  >>> this morning's sports breakfast. a blow to one of the world's oldest olympic sports. wrestling is out of the compe
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